Jaime Corisepa Neri

Ayahuasca & Sacred Allyship: The Emancipation of Harakbut Women

Jaime Corisepa

About Jaime Corisepa Neri

After serving 2 years in the Peruvian army, Jaime Corisepa Neri, born Mek Topo of the Harakbut community, started working for the National Federation of Río Madre de Dios and tributaries (FENAMAD). He became president of this organization in 2010 and currently in the process of creating a self-governing body for the Harakbut Nation.

In this interview from the first Harakbut Women's Congress, he talks about the role of ayahuasca in strengthening the Harakbut cultural identity, and the work he's doing to support the rallying of Harakbut women to reclaim their social, cultural, and economic sovereignty.

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